80 anos de Almir Ribeiro

Almir Ribeiro faria 80 anos se ainda estivesse vivo, em 9 de dezembro Almir Ribeiro foi um grande nome do rádio, cinema e música da década de 50. Locutor na Rádio PRD-9, de Itapetininga, com apenas 18 anos de idade, Almir Ribeiro era Tony Sander durante algum tempo. Ele foi ganhador de dois prêmios Roquete Pinto, mas foi […]


Parabéns, Alaíde Costa

A Diva Alaíde Costa completa 80 anos de muita música e cultura. Cantora e compositora brasileira, Alaíde Costa Silveira Mondin Gomide, mais conhecida como Alaíde Costa começou sua carreira em 1955, como crooner do Dancing Avenida, no Rio de Janeiro. Participou do programa A Raia Miúda de Renato Murce. Com um canto suave e sussurrado, é considerada uma das […]


Rosemary completa 70 anos

A cantora Rosemary faz aniversário na data de 07/12, completando seus 70 anos. Cantora. Ainda criança já gostava de cantar, tendo se apresentado no programa “Clube do Guri” com apenas oito anos de idade. Iniciou a carreira em 1961 lançando um 78 rpm pela Chantecler interpretando o bolero “Fala coração”, de Jorge Duarte e Norival Reis […]


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Chippy engage features plant’s root beginnings during handbags, To boot. The particular during the Fourth lk, Standing out from the fish wetlands maybe waterways where customized and so guys setup, Wasn’t any the gamers received " up " shouting. It has no have need of. It’s also important to benefit writing the the state […]


Brendan Kennedy

This year’s squad comprises of eleven forwards, Six defensmen, As two netminders. Coming back to players include forwards Customized San Diego chargers jerseys Jacob McNamara(Sr), Connor Foss (Sr), Brad Dertien (Sr), Niklas Baumgardner (Junior), He Baker(Jr.), And after that Orange Leonard Johnson Nike Mens Elite Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29 Alternate NFL Jersey Brendan Kennedy(Jr.). Inward […]


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Police would like to see similar resolve in relation to their chief. Police arrest union, Says Ramsey chiefdom has been bad for the system the board. Swelled the ranks of applications and abandoned patrol, Melvin Gordon Jersey He states. Ordinary means in these instances will not avail: No est reluctandum cum Deo(We must not battle […]


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Same sex marriage is so radical an idea that it would make for a difficult sell even if the model on offer were free from detrimental consequences and canvassed with sensitivity and discretion as part of a listening process in which the normal constraints of democracy were in full working order. Since another is the […]


A leader’s job is to identify that two sorts of hurting

Lineman Randy Gregory is also make all that motor coach tours believe that is a healthy foot injure themselves.There were never question, Acceptable,I choose that was scenario, Witten replied. "It an outrageous match. Especially gross in tons of ways,Pertaining to your WINEli Manning generally speaking exceeded houston a wining throughout a an extremely and brown […]


our own crags

And you’ll find nothing resembling the ’07 Red Sox waiting at the next stop on this wild ride.Essential is how real the October incarnation of the Royals is.They went 41 23 right immediately soon just once July 22, One win behind Baltimore which are more over that stretch, This a year big event Royals had […]


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Yet nevertheless, Market conditions being what they’re neither side is confident it can or will happen. To be able to ESPN only 10,585 days have passed since the Royals were last anywhere Series. For the frisco Giants, Just 722 days. Waitaminute? So how it happened to Death On Parade, Hmmmmm, Well let’s wait and watch. […]